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Fuel Bowsers

Race Fuels SMSP / ARDC fuel partnership

RaceFuels is pleased to announce a new partnership with both Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP) and the Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC).

RaceFuels has installed new bowsers and tanks at SMSP; seven nozzles in total will dispense fuels 24 hour per day* with the assistance of a credit card reader. SMSP is the first circuit in Australia to offer bowser supplied fuel at all hours via a card reader.

On demand are the following fuels:

98 RON (high quality pump grade fuel) – $2.20/L
This fuel is BP Ultimate and is supplied regularly, quality control is a strict requirement for the corporate drive events.
Meets CAMS schedule G: Pump Grade Fuel

RF100 Leaded Racing Fuel (Avgas) – $3.95/L
This fuel is BP Racing 100 / BP Avgas, this is the higher lead variety, it is sourced in sealed 200litre drums.
Meets CAMS schedule G: Leaded Racing Fuel

E85 RaceBlend (Batch Testing E85 for racing) – $2.45/L
This fuel is 85% Ethanol plus 15% 98 RON petrol, strict batch testing is applied to ensure quality and consistency.
Meets CAMS schedule G: Commercial Fuel

Race Fuels

Race Fuels Queries:    info@racefuels.com.au

Race Fules Sales:       sales@racefuels.com.au

Event fuel order: fuelorder@racefuels.com.au

*Subject to SMSP opening hours