Sydney circuit to hold its first grassroots race under full permanent lighting on its 30th Anniversary.

10/11/20: COUNTING BACK 30 years from November 2020, a motorsport circuit in the heart of Sydney’s industry and farmland affectionately known as ‘The Creek’ held its first Touring Car motorsport event, the 1990 Nissan 500.

A full grid of Group A Touring Cars lined up on the main straight, heralding the start of an era as well as a well-fought race for the chequered flag, and Eastern Creek International Raceway seeded its reputation for high-speed door-to-door battles, and unpredictable racing that saw many a pole position starter finish outside the podium.

Over 30 years, the Western Sydney circuit has seen its fair share of changes; one of the most significant being its rebrand as Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP) in 2012 to coincide with a new 830m circuit extension that allowed the original 3.7km GP Circuit to be split in two, or extended to encompass 4.5km of twisting track.

However, its 30th year has brought the biggest change thus far: the ability to run into the night under multi-million-dollar stadium LED lighting.

“As we celebrate our 30th year, we are proud to flick the switch on our lighting project and become Australia’s first permanent motorsport circuit with the ability to operate both day and night,” said Glenn Matthews, CEO of SMSP’s operator, the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club (ARDC).

“The NSW Government’s strategic multi-million-dollar investment at SMSP brings with it a new era of racing; something to celebrate after a tumultuous year of fire, flood and Covid-19.

“And it isn’t just motorsport which will benefit; Sydney Motorsport Park will become a 24/7 home for a broad spectrum of stakeholders in motorsport, local business and tourism, driver training, on-site engineering and education, and much more.

“The next 30 years will be bright indeed!”

This weekend’s NSW Motor Race Championship round at SMSP heralds the first night-time grass-roots racing under the venue’s new permanent lights, providing the perfect celebration of the track’s three past decades – and the exciting decades to come.

Following the path forged over the past three years by Supercars Championship and Sydney Masterblast ft. Muscle Car Masters, which ran largely under generator lighting, five categories will contest the MRC under the full scope of 132 new light towers: the RX-8 Cup, Improved Production, HQ Holdens, Sports Sedans and Formula Vee.

For only the second time since the global pandemic began, SMSP will also open its gates to the motorsport enthusiast for weekend door-to-door racing. Like Supercars in July, the Grandstand will be open with limited seating (adhering to NSW Health Guidelines), CLICK HERE for ticket details.

As Australia begins to open up again post-Covid, the future is looking all the brighter at SMSP.

For more information, contact the ARDC on or on 9672 1000.

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