Two unique sculptures have just been delivered to the ARDC by automotive sculpture artist James Corbett to commemorate and celebrate Australian motorsport at SMSP.
The two sculptures, based on a vintage three wheeled Morgan racecar and a racing motorcycle of the same era, were commissioned by the ARDC to celebrate the passion and community spirit of both the two- and four-wheeled enthusiast.
“For a while now, we have been wanting to bring some fun, creativity and artistic flair to the Park,” says Glenn Matthews, ARDC CEO.
“We have been searching for a project that could encompass all of this, and found this world-renowned artist in our own backyard. He has not only delivered on our idea, but created two automotive masterpieces for all enthusiasts to enjoy and admire.”
The two sculptures will be officially revealed and launched at Sydney Motorsport Park on August 12, 2017 at the Morgan Supersprint and first day of the CMC Shannons Sydney Classic.

About the artist: James Corbett, originally from Ningi, Queensland, has been creating uniquely lifelike sculptures since 1998. Back then he was the owner of an auto recycling business and found himself transfixed by old car parts and metal objects. It wasn’t until he was gifted a sculpture made from welded gears that he had the idea to build his first car part sculpture.
“Sydney Motorsport Park is a fitting permanent home for some of my work,” says Corbett.
“I am hoping that their patrons will get a bit of a kick out of my racers. The two pieces go together to portray a race between an early vintage three wheeled Morgan, and a similarly early era racing motorcycle. These pieces are at the same time both very different to my normal subjects, yet are still very much my signature style of subject. Early Bikes and Three Wheelers are some of my favourite subjects, but this is only the second time I have done a car sculpture even close to this scale, and the motor bike is a first.”