OFFICIAL RELEASE, 08/11/2019: THE AUSTRALIAN Racing Drivers’ Club (ARDC), operators of Sydney Motorsport Park, is excited to announce a new and exciting motorcycle experiences line-up for 2019.

Leading at the first turn will be Motorcycle Events Group Australia (MEGA) directing the SMSP RIDE DAYS track-based program, alongside the motoDNA Riders Academy taking charge of all rider coaching and training needs. Completing the grid is the globally-recognised California Superbike School (CSS).

The selection of MEGA, motoDNA and CSS to spearhead the program came after an exhaustive six-month review by the ARDC of bike activity at Sydney Motorsport Park, and investigations into best practice procedures around the country and overseas. Extensive research was conducted into what riders really enjoyed about their time on track, and track users and ARDC Bike Members also submitted their suggestions and ideas for improvement.

This included rider/group selection, scheduling of experiences across the week and year, circuit selection, maximising rider track-time, the involvement of manufacturers and industry, coaching and rider safety, the opportunity to develop special interest days, building rider community events, and last but not least offering riders the widest selection of rider experiences at the best value for money available.

This research was followed by an Australia-wide call for expressions of interest to the country’s best operators, and as the saying goes, cream rises to the top.

“We are particularly excited about the MEGA/motoDNA collaboration which will see over sixty days of two-wheel action at the Park throughout the year,” said ARDC CEO Glenn Matthews.

“We’ll see the welcome return of long-standing SMSP partner, MEGA, and motoDNA have really ramped up their operations to become SMSP’s inaugural Resident Rider Training Provider.

“Steve (Brouggy, MEGA) and Mark (McVeigh, motoDNA) have been working closely together over the past few months to begin building what will be an amazing 2019 for the rider community,” added Matthews.

MEGA promises not only to bring back its industry-leading format, but to also make some major leaps forward in the process of how Ride Days are presented with cutting edge technology matched with good old-fashioned customer service.

“We’re really happy to be returning to Sydney Motorsport Park and partnering with the ARDC for the provision of SMSP Ride Days,” said Steve Brouggy of MEGA.

“MEGA’s focus for the past 24 years has been on providing the best possible rider experience for each and every attendee of our events, and we’re more enthusiastic than ever to be doing exactly that at SMSP for the next five years… As far as we’re concerned, January 1 can’t come soon enough!”

motoDNA’s Mark McVeigh said: “I’m very excited to partner with ARDC as both the motoDNA Riders Academy and motoDNA TECHNOLOGY companies are now based on the racetrack at Sydney Motorsport Park.

“The ARDC have some great plans for the future at SMSP and we feel very privileged to be a part of it.

“Ultimately our job at motoDNA is to turn ordinary people into extraordinary riders in a fun and safe environment and collaborating with MEGA will help us both provide awesome new products for all levels of our motorcycle community at the Park.”

Both MEGA and motoDNA have confirmed five-year agreements, locking in their tenure at SMSP until 2023 and allowing both businesses to build, invest and consolidate their commitment to SMSP and the loyal rider base that call Sydney Motorsport Park their home.

It also paves the way for the ARDC to work on further developments in the areas of rider safety research and technology which it is advancing with motoDNA TECHNOLOGY, the research and development division of the motoDNA Group which resides at SMSP as part of the emerging SMSP Innovation Hub.

“There’s never been a better time for riders to consider becoming a Member of the ARDC,” said Matthews.

“Bike Members will be able to take advantage of a myriad of great Member-Only offers, incentives and invitations by our experience partners, and it also offers complimentary access to events at SMSP throughout the year.”

There’s a lot to look forward to on two-wheels in 2019, and we’d love to see you trackside.

For more information contact:
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The Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, Sydney Motorsport Park.
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