Round 1 of the Hi-Tec Oils Figure-8 Drift Series is run and done, with big crowds, great atmosphere and some great driving.

James Abbott from Blaze Unit took out the number 1 spot in the 3 FINGERS NEAT S15 Silvia, Brad Tuohy in the D2D Customs S13 took 2nd and Michael Prosenik, up from Victoria, took 3rd place.

Twenty-two drivers made it to Round 1, which would be the first time a competition had ever been held on the Figure 8 track at Sydney Motorsport Park.

It was also the first time that four cars were allowed on track at once during the tandem practice sessions, giving drivers more track time, and spectators more action.

Practice allowed drivers who had never been on the Figure 8 track to learn it, and those who had, to remfamiliarise themselves with it and learn to drive it with clipping points and zones for the first time.

Having a proper track layout and some great drivers in a professionally judged competition gave the Figure-8 a new lease on life. Combine the action on track with a DJ and Bar off track as well as Motive DVD trade stand, cars on show and a monster trade stand form the guys at Hi-Tec Oils, and it made for a great night out.

Qualifying was the first chance for the drivers to try the course from a standing start, taking off from a run-up start line under instruction from the lights. The judges for this event were 2012 ADGP champion, Rob Whyte, and Travis Roberts.

Both judges commented on how the facility lent itself well to this type of event, and had a great atmosphere. They also commented on some of the great driving, especially from number one qualifier, Gavin Edwards, who put down a near-perfect run.

Brad Tuohy qualified in 2nd place, Michael Prosenik in 3rd and James Abbott in 4th. Once the battles started, things really started to heat up. Ferds and Anthony Bilic showed promise in Qualifying, but Anthony didn’t make it to the start grid due to car dramas, and teething problems in Ferds’ car meant he lost to Matt Hill in the 180SX in the Top-16. Schembri was blazin’ hard but a small mistake in the Top-8 had him out early.

The Top-4 qualifiers were looking unstoppable, and all of them made it to the Top-4 for the fiercest battles of the night. Number 1 qualifier Gavin Edwards lost to Jabbott but then went in to battle for third place. Brad Tuohy won the battle of the V8 Silvias, defeating Michael Prosenik, and then took on Jabbott in the finals. Brad put up a great fight, but Jabbott was super aggressive on the chase, and the crazy entry that no-one thought he would hold gave him the win.
Round 2 is scheduled for Friday the 16th of August, with the same location and schedule. It is set to be even bigger and better both on and off track, with a massive All Stars car meet, more trade stands and even more drivers.
1 James Abbott 3 FINGERS NEAT Nissan S15 Silvia 100
2 Brad Tuohy D2D Customs Nissan S13 Silvia 93
3 Michael Prosenik SCR Nissan S13 Silvia 85
4 Gavin Edwards 3 FINGERS NEAT R32 Skyline 79
5 Mitchell Jeffery Federal Tyres, Micks Motorsport Nissan 180SX 72
6 Scott Schembri 3 FINGERS NEAT Nissan 180SX 69
7 Mathew Hill Nissan 180SX 66
8 Phillip Searle Toyota Corlla 63
9 Anthony Bilic Drift Racing Industries Nissan S13 Silvia 58
10 Fernando Weirhl Project D Nissan R32 Skyline 55
11 Brian Campbell 666 Racing Nissan S14 Silvia 52
12 Jim Turner ART Nissan 180SX 49
13 Alex Sciacca W3SLIDE Nissan S14 Silvia 46
14 Benjamin Toyer Nissan 180SX 43
15 Mathew Trevena Toyota Corolla 40
16 Glen Atkins Driving Sports Mazda RX-7 37
17 Andrew Callaghan GCG Toyota Soarer 33
18 John Ferguson Driftmob Nissan 180SX 32
19 Mitchell Mahaffey Foytt Auto Nissan 180SX 31
20 Tyler Jay Markman 999 Automotive Nissan R31 30
21 Michael Spencer 666 Racing Nissan S14 Silvia 29
DNF Al Bennett Slide Industries Nissan S13 Silvia 2