Not only a destination for wheeled vehicles, SMSP is a location destination for photography and filming.
From respected motoring titles to fashion magazines, car manufacturers to television programs and film production, SMSP’s 90ha grounds provide a great location, day or night.
Enquire today about filming or photography at SMSP by calling +612 9672 1000 or emailing


Sydney Motorsport Park and the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, the official managing authority for the venue, require that any media attending any event or activity at the venue (including motorsport experiences, driver safety and training, corporate events and general media coverage) inform the venue of their plans no less than seven (7) days prior to the event, and have their activity approved by the ARDC.
Media applications after this deadline and up to/including on the day will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.
Media accreditation and activity on the venue is at the discretion of the ARDC, unless specified by the promoter of an event, who will take all responsibility, insurance and liabilities for media on the premises during their event.
The ARDC reserves the right to deny or remove media access at any time, ie inappropriate behaviour or violation of event rules.

For all media and filming enquiries, CALL +612 9672 1000 or email


Credential Access: Pit building, Paddock, and general spectator areas, Media Centre, and infield with the exception of Turn 2/3, Turn 17/18, and the South Circuit/Corporate Hill area.
Pit Lane Access at the discretion of Pit Lane Controller (across from garage 49/50) The minimum age for approved media credentials is 18 years.
Photographers must keep a 1m high concrete barrier between themselves and the track at all times.
Photographers must NEVER cross the track. If any member of the media or the public crosses a hot track at any time, they are to be escorted off the premises with an official warning.
Photographers must follow the instructions of track officials or flag personnel at all times.

The appropriate vest MUST be clearly displayed at all times during events. Presentation of a credential signifies to security and flag marshals that the bearer has signed the required release forms and meets the qualifications for entrance into restricted areas.
Credentials are non-transferable and will be revoked if used by any other person.
The only media vests in use at SMSP at any time are the Sydney Motorsport Park official vests, or current year MA (CAMS) vests. Any exception to this rule ie a hirer using their own branded vests MUST be submitted to and accepted by the ARDC, and all security and event staff notified with details and an image of the vest no later than seven (7) days before the event.
Collection points of vests varies between events. Approved media will be notified of the location of collection of their media vests by email.
Photo Vests must be returned to Security at the exit of Gate A unless otherwise specified. Failure to return a vest will result in a $50 +GST charge invoiced to the photographer.

The permission for use at Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP) of Drones, Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Model Aircraft will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please be aware that unless specifically permitted by SMSP, UAVs are not permitted to be used and doing so could result in your eviction from the circuit. This rule applies regardless of the size or use of those UAVs.
Drone approval will be supplied to professional working media or commercial filming crews only, and proof of commission/connection to an event promoter will need to be submitted along with the proper documentation (see below). Approval for the use of a drone for the acquisiton of personal footage will not be approved.
ALL drones permitted to fly on SMSP grounds must be manned by a two-person team; a Drone Operator and either Camera Operator (preferred) or a ground spotter. Sub-2kg drones are not exempt from this policy.
Please email with the following:
- The names and contact details of the Drone Operator and Camera Operator/Ground Spotter (two-person team minimum)
- Details of your filming plan, including the type of drone you are using
- Your current certification from CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) to operate or control the UAV
- Details of your $20 million public liability insurance
- Evidence of your work engagement with/approval of the event promoter

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