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JULY 2018

Another great NSW Motor Racing Championship round was held at SMSP last weekend, again with over 200 competitors across 9 categories.  We also hosted the Formula Vee Nationals on the Saturday, making for a busy day for the Vee drivers as they completed qualifying and three races in the day. It was great to see so many competitors in the field, from as far away as Western Australia! Unfortunately, there were a few incidents in other categories, causing some loss of time during the day, but the team made adjustments where necessary to ensure everyone was able to complete their races – even if perhaps a couple of minutes shorter than planned

The annual ARDC Club Championship presentation night was held on the Saturday night of the state round, with complimentary drinks and finger food in The Garage before presentations were mad (appropriately) in the Champions Room. It was a fun family night, with our champions bring along the whole family pit crew! Trophies were presented for the 2016 and 2017 championships, in both Supersprint and Club Champion categories. Photos are elsewhere in the newsletter, but many congratulations to our champions:

2016 Club Champion                                      Dylan Thomas

2016 Club Supersprint Champion:             Andrew Challenor

2017 Club Champion:                                     Trevor Symonds

2017 Club Supersprint Champion:             Chris Kostakis

Muscle Car Masters was a success last month, with crowds up on last year and the event delivering a better-than-budget financial outcome. The racing was close and the cars reflected great credit on the preparation efforts of their drivers, teams and owners. It is said that “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” and the MCM format is now presented in a number of locations around Australia. In the last few years we have moved the date to accommodate possible event conflicts for various categories, but next year MCM will return to the traditional Fathers’ Day date in September. However, the real challenge for us is to keep the event fresh and attractive to both participants and supporters at the event and enjoying the on-line and pay-TV coverage.

The public-address system at SMSP needs attention, as a number of members have pointed out in recent times. In fact, it needs to be replaced. The PA system has been held together with chewing gum, fencing wire and TLC for quite a while because the cost of replacement is ugly – about $500,000 ugly, based on quotes we have received. So, we are investigating how the replacement can be staged, spreading the cost over a longer period and possibly piggy-backing on other infrastructure investment to make the upgrade more efficient.  We do not have the right solution yet, but it is a priority.

Lastly, it’s only a month until the Virgin Australia Supercar Championship comes to race at SMSP in the dark. We are very pleased that Supercars have decided to race on the full Gardner Circuit, which will be lit all the way around. The event promises to be a great success and will be a TV highlight on Fox this year. Although it’s very unscientific research, I have been asked by many more people about this event than has been the case in past years, so it seems to have captured plenty of imagination amongst the public. Don’t forget that ARDC Members are entitled to free entry to the event – but don’t forget your membership card!