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MAY 2018

Ballot papers have been mailed to all full ARDC members in the last week or so and I strongly encourage those eligible members to vote and return your ballot according to the required process. Following Peter Boylan’s decision not to seek re-election we will have at least one new Director elected this year, so it is perhaps even more important than usual for members to express their choice.

The ARDC Annual General Meeting will be held in the Champions’ Room at Sydney Motorsport Park on Wednesday 23rd May, commencing at 7:30pm. Formal notices have been included in previous newsletters, but I would like to encourage members to attend. Our CEO, Glenn Matthews, and I will each present our annual reports to members, and the audited annual Financial Statements are now available.

We will also confirm the Directors elected this year and the new Board will elect the 2018-19 President, Vice President and Deputy Vice President at the meeting. The usual open-mike Q & A session will conclude the meeting. Please consider attending the meeting to participate in the formal governance of our Club, even if (or perhaps particularly if) you have never been before. There is a Track Day scheduled for May 23rd, so perhaps you could have a drive during the day and stay on for the AGM!

Last weekend was another great NSW Motor Racing Championship round with over 200 competitors getting into some close racing. I often hear the comment that the racing at State rounds is as competitive and close as seen anywhere, with intense battles underway all through the field in just about every category. Topping that off is the good spirit of the racing; while the competition is hot on the track, the camaraderie, conversation and encouragement amongst competitors is just as strong in the paddock and garages. For spectators State rounds provide the best chance to get close to all the drivers, crews and cars – don’t be bashful, drivers and crew will be happy to tell you all about her or his car, and why their category is the most fun.

The State championship round also utilised our online booking system for private practice on the Friday prior to the race weekend. This was a major success, simplifying the planning of the day for the ARDC team, given fore-knowledge of how many competitors would be attending in each category. It also made the whole check-in process much easier and minimised administrative activity at a time when competitors would much rather be getting on with preparation for the race weekend.

I’m really pleased to report that the reconstruction of the main access road between Gate A and the circuit access tunnel is now complete. The project has been finished under budget and included a few extras such as sealing the access road to the P5 trailer park and using soil that would otherwise have been dumped at a cost to re-shape and renovate the off-road track above Turn 2. We are very pleased with the result and believe this will further improve the amenity of SMSP for all users. I would also like to acknowledge our landlord, Western Sydney Parklands Trust, for their financial support for this project. We value the strong and open relationship between ARDC and the Trust.

Our next big event will be the 2018 edition of Muscle Car Masters, to be held on the June long weekend with practice on Friday 8th and racing on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th. Entries have been strong across all the invited categories and we expect close and exciting racing. Similarly, advance ticket sales are ahead of last year at the same point, so we anticipate a popular day out. Members are of course admitted free, with guest cards also providing free admission, but don’t forget to bring your Membership and guest cards!