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After November’s lengthy column I will make it short this month!

You should have received an email at the end of last month announcing the new 5% discount available to all Members at various food and beverage outlets at Sydney MotorSport Park. The discount is available at the ARDC Garage Café, Carport Café and Grandstand Café on all food and beverage purchases (including alcohol) on presentation of a VALID ARDC Member or Guest Card. The discount commenced on 1st December and applies at all events.

2018 has been a busy year on and off track and we are confident that 2019 has plenty of motorsport activity and excitement in store. There are several initiatives that we have been working on for some time that may come to fruition in the year ahead, and at the moment there are 48 two- and four-wheel motorsport events already locked into the calendar.

Thanks to all ARDC Members for your support of our Club during 2018, and thanks also to all our hard-working ARDC staff for their stellar efforts this year.  While a few of our team are relatively well-known personalities the majority just quietly get about their business behind the scenes “making it all happen”, and ready to step up when necessary. Thank you everyone.

I hope you all have a joyous Christmas and happy New Year celebration and take the time to have a bit of a break with family and friends before 2019 kicks off in a few weeks. Have fun, don’t party too hard and don’t mix drinking with driving.

See you in 2019,


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