President Report

MAY 2019

This weekend we are watching Supercar racing under lights at Barbagallo Raceway in Perth and the coverage is including plenty of video from our inaugural “SuperNight” at SMSP in August last year. It is often said that “success has many fathers (and mothers!), while failure is an orphan” and there is certainly no shortage of claims being made for the credit of introducing SuperCar night racing!  The 2018 Sydney event has been awarded the official Supercars Fans Choice Award for the Best Event of 2018. We are very pleased to have hosted such a successful event and look forward to many more in the future. You can see our event trophy in the Champions Room at SMSP.

Now that the NSW Election is behind us, the ARDC team has been working hard with the relevant government officials to move ahead with the installation of full-circuit lighting and other infrastructure investment at SMSP as soon as possible.  The formal application process is underway and has been very well received. There is obviously – and correctly – a detailed procedure that needs to be followed when dealing with such a significant amount of public money, but we are confident that this is well in hand.

There are of course other capital investment projects for us this year. We have been upgrading the paddock and spectator catering outlets and installing new shaded areas to increase spectator comfort.  Our tree planting program will eventually also bring added shaded areas, but that will take much longer to become a meaningful reality.  Unfortunately we are very restricted on any kind of construction on the spectator mounds outside Turn 1 and along to Turn 2, as the mounds were artificially created. While they are quite stable for spectator use, they are not suitable for any kind of permanent construction.

The other capital work we have on the slate for 2019 is to upgrade the PA system. Many members will cheer at that news and I can advise that scoping work is now underway.

For the last couple of months I have been asking for feedback from newer female members and this month I can share a couple of pieces of information. It’s clear that track days are a major attraction to membership, providing meaningful track time as well as driver coaching, combined into a time format that is worker-friendly.  The other piece of feedback is perhaps best provided verbatim from one of our female members:

“…….I must ask, can you please do something about the toilets at South Circuit? Most men are respectful of the fact it’s a shared space, but so many are not and it makes for a rather unpleasant experience!”

Gentlemen, it sounds like we need to remember who might be using the toilets after us, and perhaps get some target practice!

Lastly this month, ballot papers have been mailed for this year’s election for ARDC Directors. I encourage you to complete your ballot and return it using the Reply Paid envelope as soon as possible to meet the deadline of 15th May. Our Annual General Meeting will be held in the Champions Room at Sydney MotorSport Park at 7:30pm on Wednesday 22nd May. I hope to see you there.


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