July 2019

Last month my newsletter article was a reproduction of the report I presented at the 2019 Annual General Meeting. It is obviously unrealistic to think that all Members can attend the annual meeting, but I think it is important that everyone has the chance to at least read what was reported on the night.  Thank you to those members who were able to attend the meeting and for the questions and discussion that took place.

The Board elected office-bearers for the year ahead during the AGM. I am pleased to advise that John Cotter was elected as Vice President and Evan Jones as Deputy Vice President.  I am honoured to have been re-elected as ARDC President.

The year ahead will continue to be very busy with ‘normal’ on-track activities being conducted side-by-side with the major infrastructure work to install track lighting and to construct a new multi-use motorsport “Centre of Excellence” building.  While we have been quietly confident for some months that funding would be approved for these projects the final confirmation depended on the NSW State Budget, announced on 18th June.  Now that the official announcement has been made, we are working to progress the project as rapidly as possible.  Our (ambitious) objective is to complete the lighting project in a 12-month timeframe, working closely with government agencies as required.

As mentioned in my May report we are also completing the upgrade of catering and shade facilities in the main and south paddock areas as well as planning for the long-awaited upgrade to our PA system.

On-track action last month was highlighted by NSW State Championship racing and historic racing on the June long weekend. July will be a busy month for bike competitors and riders with Ride Days, rider training with motoDNA and race meetings promoted by the Post-Classic Racing Association and St George Motorcycle Club.

And, if you would like to see something quite different, come along to watch the All Schools Cross Country Carnival on Friday 26th July!

There’s something for everyone at SMSP!

Andrew Leithhead