ARDC Classic Inc.


For ARDC Members who enjoy the Classics.

In our continuing efforts to keep the ARDC moving forward, we are now in a position to offer our Members a sub-club within the ARDC, called ARDC Classic Inc., which has been created to assist those with the registration and utilisation of their favourite classic car.

During this process we were required to create an ‘association’ incorporated through Fair Trading NSW, and to register the Club with the RMS for historic conditional registration, for pre-1985 unmodified vehicles.

Membership of ARDC Ltd is a requirement for membership of ARDC Classic Inc., so it is exclusive to our Members.

Membership is currently free for all ARDC Members.

Please see the FAQ listed below, and click the links below to download your registration form, a copy of the ARDC Classic Inc Constitution, and the rules for our historic conditional registration.

Classic Inc FAQ

What is ARDC Classic Inc?

ARDC Classic Inc. has been incorporated specifically to facilitate historic conditional registration of qualifying vehicles within the NSW RMS.  To change the ARDC Ltd constitution is a big job, so it was decided to create a separate but linked club under the NSW Incorporated Association rules to handle the needs of those Members who wish to enjoy their older vehicles. It also gives us room to move with some other items which we will develop in the near future; benefits which will enhance your involvement in the exciting future of Sydney Motorsport Park.

How did ARDC Classic Inc come about?

The option of the main ARDC Ltd club having historic conditional registration (HCRS) was investigated in 2014. The major obstacle was that the constitution talks about racing cars but not using and enjoying veteran vintage and classic vehicles on weekend runs. That is a requirement of the NSW RTA/RMS as they want to see the aims of the club reflecting what the issuing of HCRS is all about.

What is the criteria for becoming a Member of ARDC Classic Inc?

You must be a financial member of the ARDC.

What sort of vehicle is eligible for Historic Conditional Registration?

Your classic vehicle must be 30 years old (i.e. pre 1985) and the owner/operator must belong to a historic vehicle club recognised by RMS . The vehicle has not been altered (except for certain safety features or period accessories).
Please check this link to the RMS website in order that you can be fully advised of your rights and the responsibilities of historic conditional registration, with regard to pre-1985 unmodified vehicles.

NEW: Please note the logbook trial has been extended for another 2 years from 1 October 2017. Website updated as per following link –

How do I  join?

Fill in the application form and return to the address contained in the application.

What will it cost me to join?

Membership is currently free.

What does RMS Historic Conditional Registration cost?

Administration fee: $21
CTP: $33
Number plate fee: $42 (one off cost only)

What about CTP Green Slip Insurance?

The conditional registration fee includes a charge to provide Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance (green slip). Important: This CTP only covers you on roads and road-related areas. It does not cover you on private property.

What does historic conditional registration allow me to do with my car?

As a financial member of an RMS recognised club you can use your vehicle for events organised by your club, another club or recognised community organisation provided an official invitation has been received and documented by the club in the official minutes, or the official “Day Book”. i.e. any event being run by the ARDC or other club, by invitation.

Are there any other Member benefits from becoming a member of ARDC Classic Inc.?

Any other benefits are currently in discussion.

Will registering my classic vehicle under HCRS be of benefit when I insure my vehicle?

Yes, but depends on age etc. A 1984 model would be more. Very low cost as they know you will be looking after the vehicle and will not be using it that much.