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Whether you’re competitively racing or riding around the track; fine tuning your skills or machine during track days, ride days or private practice sessions; or just looking to soak up the excitement as a spectator at our many exciting and entertaining racing events, Sydney Motorsport Park has something for every motoring enthusiast.

Sydney Motorsport Park is owned by the NSW Government and operated by the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club. It is Sydney’s only permanent race track, and one of just two permanent race circuit in Australia that hold a FIA/FIM Grade 2 International Licence. Our purpose-built motorsport facility west of Sydney features four race circuit configurations to suit a number of motorsport activities; the Brabham Circuit, Gardner, Druitt and Amaroo along with the Skid Circuit.

The North Paddock boasts fifty garages lining pit lane, offering easy access for transporters and a secure base for cars, bikes, equipment and personnel. The support paddock has a bitumen surface, a dummy grid for fifty cars, eighteen carports and a scrutineering building. Sydney Motorsport Park is also Sydney’s main hub for driver safety, education and vehicle testing. To accommodate these activities, the venue features Sydney’s largest purpose-build, floodable Skidpan, and a separate Figure 8.


25 Years of SMSP

SMSP hosted an Australian Touring Car Championship round for the first time in 1993.

The development of SMSP’s first race circuit was approved by the NSW State Government back in 1989, and the track opened on November 10, 1990. This first circuit, known as the GP or Grand Prix circuit at Eastern Creek International Raceway, was a 3.93km track known for its fast and flowing lines that rewarded driver commitment, especially through the legendary Turn 1.

The circuit, affectionately known as The Creek, was home to a number of major international racing events. The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix was conducted at the venue from 1991 -1996, and the Australian rounds of the A1GP were also hosted at the track.

The Australian Touring Car Championship was first held at Eastern Creek in 1992, and the track hosted at least one ATCC or V8 Supercar round until 2008 (with the exception of 2006). In 2003 and 2004, the grand finale was held at The Creek. Other major series and categories included the Australian Superbike Championship, FX Superbikes, World Time Attack, Muscle Car Masters, the Shannons Nationals, and even drag racing on the main straight. It was also a successful concert venue, hosting some of Sydney’s biggest events including the Guns’N’Roses concert in 1993 which attracted 93,000 spectators.

On April 28, 2008, Apex Circuit Design Ltd was commissioned to perform a feasibility study on upgrading the track to suit more purposes and hold larger events. It was then that SMSP began to take shape.

Funding for the proposed $9 million upgrade was secured in 2011, with the NSW Government providing $7 million, and the ARDC funding the remainder. The planned upgrade included reconfiguring the track into four layouts, with two that could operate at the same time. It expanded the GP circuit to encompass 4.7km of track, known as the Extended or Brabham circuit, and also included an new pit lane facility, control tower and amenities on the Southern end to cater for the new South, or Amaroo, circuit.

Work on the upgrades began in June 2011, with earthmoving machines starting on the link road to join turns 4 and 9, creating the Druitt North Circuit configuration. This was completed in October 2011. The Amaroo South Circuit rounded off the redevelopment and modernisation of SMSP, which was officially launched under the new moniker in May 2012.

CLICK HERE for a full description of each circuit, images, and more…


WHERE IS SYDNEY MOTORSPORT PARK (SMSP)?2016-04-21T09:16:14+10:00

Sydney Motorsport Park is located 40km west of Sydney’s CBD on Brabham Drive/ Ferrers Road at Eastern Creek. It is a 45-minute drive from the CBD or airport on average.
How to get here


The new name for the circuit “Sydney Motorsport Park” was officially launched in May 2012.  You can check out our History HERE.

WHO OWNS AND RUNS SMSP?2016-04-21T09:36:13+10:00

The Australian Racing Drivers’ Club (ARDC) runs SMSP (a NSW Government facility).  The ARDC is a not-for-profit member-based motorsport club dedicated to competitors and enthusiasts of motorsport and entrusted with making SMSP “the Home of Australian Motorsport”.


No, we are separate businesses – though some large SMSP events utilise the Sydney Dragway carpark as parking overflow.

WHAT KIND OF TRACK IS IT?2016-04-21T09:40:44+10:00

Licensed for motorcycle and car racing, our purpose-built motorsport facility west of Sydney features four race circuit configurations to suit a number of motorsport activities; the Brabham Circuit, the Gardner Grand Prix Circuit, the Druitt (GP North) Circuit and Amaroo (GP South) Circuit.  We also have a dedicated floodable skidpan, a Figure 8 Skid Circuit, and a 4WD offroad track.

CLOCKWISE OR COUNTER-CLOCKWISE?2016-04-21T09:41:13+10:00

The track is designed to run counter-clockwise. Because of safety considerations and the placement of protective barriers and walls/curbing, this is the only direction the main track can be run.

CAN I HIRE THE TRACK?2016-04-21T09:49:59+10:00

Yes, however SMSP is an extremely busy facility and the circuits in particular are booked well in advance. Also, the costs of booking the entire track including insurance, medical/fire and rescue staff, spotters, etc can be expensive for individuals. However, please feel free to direct all enquiries to or call +612 9672 1000, and we will see what we can do!

WHAT KIND OF RACING IS AT SMSP?2016-09-15T15:16:11+10:00

There is a wide variety of racing events and experiences at SMSP, from car and bike races, supersprints and timed racing, to skidpan motorkhanas, drifting, 4WD events, and even cycling races and fun runs.
Please note that the Sydney Dragway and Eastern Creek Karts are separate businesses to SMSP.
Check out our COMPETITORS page for everything racing, or our CALENDAR for a list of upcoming events.

WHAT TIME DOES THE TRACK OPEN?2016-04-21T09:44:23+10:00

Circuit opening hours are typically 6:30am – 6:00pm, but please check individual event times for exact hours as some restrictions may apply.
The ARDC Administration Office (for all enquiries for SMSP as well as the club) is open from 8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday.


During most weekdays ie Monday through Thursday, the track is home to various ARDC Experience Partners and corporate clients including V8 Racing, Formula Ford & Drift experiences, Track and Ride Day operators; Driving & Riding Academies & Schools, Race Teams who want to test , Manufacturers who want to test new cars (or launch/film commercials or photography) and so on. Unless it is a private, restricted activity, admission to the circuit is FREE to the public on these days to come and have a look at what happens at Australia’s best motorsport track.
Check out our CALENDAR for a list of upcoming events.


Yes! SMSP Track Days and SMSP Ride Days specialise in getting all levels of motoring enthusiasts, from first-timers right through to professionals, onto the circuit to test themselves and their cars in a safe and controlled environment. For CAMS licence holders, we also have ARDC Private Practice for a variety of cars and bikes, and including open-wheelers and Superkarts.


Yes, but conditions may apply.

Check out our ARDC Private Practice Track Days for competition licence holders.

Our SMSP Track Days and SMSP Ride Days – conditions can apply to unregistered vehicles on these days.

CAN I BUY FUEL AT THE TRACK?2018-09-05T14:14:00+10:00

SMSP is the first circuit in Australia to offer bowser-supplied fuel at all hours via a card reader.
Supplied by RaceFuels, the following fuels are available:

98 RON (high quality pump grade fuel)
RF100 Leaded Racing Fuel (Avgas)
E85 RaceBlend (Batch Testing E85 for racing)

HOW DO I GET THERE?2016-04-21T09:52:11+10:00

Check out our information page HERE.

WHERE DO I GO WHEN I GET THERE?2016-04-21T09:53:30+10:00

Whether we have our main Gate A open or all gates, there is always someone on the gate to assist you with directions. Our security staff are only too happy to help!
Of course, access varies from event to event, especially at our big events with 20,000+ spectators. Be sure to read up before you set out for SMSP – check out all you need to know about your event by searching/finding it on the CALENDAR.


Accreditation and ticket sales vary from event to event, as we have many different promoters and companies hiring the circuit. Typically, an accreditation booth or pass collection point is set up at Gate A, and there are usually ticket booths for larger events at all open access points in to the park – but please check with the individual event instructions on how to collect your passes at the venue. You can always call or email the ARDC as well to check procedures before an event, we are here to help!

WHERE DO I PARK?2016-04-21T09:54:35+10:00

Our parking areas change depending on your event. Check out our information page HERE.

WHERE IS ACCESSIBLE PARKING?2016-12-07T11:43:47+10:00

We will do our best to accommodate cars with accessible/equitable parking access at all events, however restrictions to the site, event builds, etc can mean the allocated parking areas change from event to event.
Parking for daily experiences is typically close to where you need to be – ask Security at the main gate for assistance.
At events, the equitable parking varies – it could be on the Skid Circuit, at the start of the P3 car park, or even at an allocated (close) area on Sydney Dragway with a shuttle service. Be sure to read up before you set out for SMSP – check out all you need to know about your event by finding it on the CALENDAR.

WHAT HAPPENS IF IT RAINS?2016-04-21T13:20:26+10:00

Most events will still proceed, rain, hail or shine, but it is best to either contact the track or the event/experience you are attending just to be sure. You can also check our Facebook Page for updates.

ARE PETS ALLOWED?2016-04-21T13:17:15+10:00

SMSP is a pet-free zone, however Service/Assistance/Aid dogs are allowed to accompany their owners, provided they are in harness and on site in a working capacity.


Lawn chairs, umbrellas, cushions, blankets and any low-lying seating is encouraged in the General Admission viewing areas; however, we cannot allow spectators to bring tents, canopies or any form of scaffolding.

CAN I BRING A BBQ?2016-04-21T13:15:48+10:00

As SMSP is a race facility with volatile racing fuels and liquids on the premises, BBQs are only allowed when the event/event promoter has approved their use, and then in a designated area of the park that has been deemed safe. Check each event to see if you can bring a BBQ.

CAN I BRING MY OWN FOOD AND DRINK?2016-04-21T13:14:47+10:00

We allow pre-packaged food such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, crisps, etc, and non-alcoholic beverages that are in non-shatter containers – ie no glass bottles.

WHAT CAN’T I BRING?2016-12-07T11:43:47+10:00

SMSP is a licenced venue. Only unopened non-alcoholic beverages for individual consumption are allowed on-site. If you are found to have these items, SMSP reserves the right to confiscate these items and/or escort you from the venue. Other prohibited items include:

  • Gas BBQs, or any fuel-driven BBQ, unless stated as allowed by the specific event promoter;
  • Illicit drugs;
  • Flares, fireworks, laser pointers, knives, firearms, dangerous weapons or any device that has the potential to cause injury or public nuisance;
  • Air horns;
  • Spray cans or compressed air canisters;
  • Skateboards, scooters and roller blades;
  • Recording devices for commercial purposes;
  • Commercial, political or offensive clothing, banners, logos or signage;
  • Outlaw motorcycle or crime gang colours;
  • Any items or goods for public sale.
  • WHERE CAN I STAY?2016-04-21T13:23:19+10:00

    Directly across the road from SMSP is the tremendous Alpha Hotel at Eastern Creek (formerly Chifley).  The Alpha Hotel is a Proud Partner of Sydney Motorsport Park.  You can check out more details about the Alpha Hotel and other great locations at our PLACES TO STAY page here for the best hotels, B&Bs and accommodation within 20km of SMSP.

    IS THERE CAMPING ON SITE?2016-04-21T13:22:10+10:00

    Only a select few events offer camping on site at SMSP – check the regulations of your event on the CALENDAR.

    WHERE ARE THE BATHROOMS?2016-12-07T11:43:47+10:00

    SMSP has a number of bathrooms and toilet blocks around the facility. Check out the VENUE MAP for all locations.
    See the VENUE MAP

    IS THERE A BABY CHANGE STATION2016-12-07T11:43:47+10:00

    Yes, at the base of Block B, Main Pit Building, and behind the Grandstand in the toilet bock.
    See the VENUE MAP

    ARE THERE SHOWERS AVAILABLE?2016-12-07T11:43:47+10:00

    Yes, in blocks A and C, level two, in the Main Pit Building (North Paddock). During special events, an ablutions block at the P4 Car Park is also available.
    See the VENUE MAP

    CAN I GET CASH OUT ON SITE?2016-04-21T13:09:38+10:00

    Yes: we have two ATMs on site, one in the North Paddock at the ARDC Garage Bar and Cafe, and one on the South Circuit Pit Building. The Cafe accepts all major cards and EFTPOS.

    ARE THERE MEDICAL FACILITIES ON SITE?2016-04-21T10:55:20+10:00

    Of course. Our Medical Centre is located at the entrance to the main (North) pit paddock. Ambulance attendance, as well as Fire and Rescue, are mandatory on track days and events. Our well-trained medical staff are always happy to assist.

    DO YOU HAVE A LOST AND FOUND?2016-04-21T10:54:06+10:00

    Yes! Please visit the ARDC Administration office or call us on +612 9672 1000 during business hours and we will see if your lost items can be located.

    LOST CHILDREN AT EVENTS2016-04-21T10:53:10+10:00

    If you and your child become separated, please approach any member of our staff or security immediately. We all carry radios and will use all available resources to find your child.


    SMSP is a spectator-friendly venue. Spectators are more than welcome to take photos and shoot video from the general admission areas of the track. Only accredited working media can venture beyond these areas, and must be accredited each time they visit SMSP.

    HOW DO I APPLY FOR MEDIA ACCREDITATION?2016-04-21T10:28:30+10:00