The Australian Racing Drivers’ Club is happy to announce the addition of two new names to the Championship honour board: Dylan Thomas, our 2014 ARDC Club Champion, and Warwick Morris, our 2014 ARDC Supersprint Champion.
Previous names to have graced the wood include Ian (Pete) Geoghegan (1957), Colin Bond (1974), Bob Morris (1979), Tony Longhurst (1991) and Mark Skaife (2001/02).
ARDC Competitor Members score points in the ARDC Club Championship competition every time they run in an ARDC-organised race at Sydney Motorsport Park, with one point awarded to Members for every competitor they finish ahead of. This number is then multiplied by the number of laps scored in each race.
In 2013, the Board added an ARDC Club Supersprint Champion gong, given the number of Members racing in the CAMS series, and the support given to the series by the ARDC itself.
Congratulations to Dylan and Warwick, and good luck for the upcoming ARDC season!
Dylan Thomas

2014 ARDC Club Champion – Dylan Thomas, Member 1063

This year’s ARDC Club Champion, Dylan Thomas, has had a cracker year in Production Touring as well as Formula Vee, winning the Championship in the latter and also nabbing the new CAMS Kevin Bartlett Award which recognises the success of a NSW or ACT circuit driver during the current calendar year.
“I am surprised and shocked to win this Championship – we have done well this year in Formula Vee and Production Touring, and it’s a credit to the team, not just me as a driver – I’m not driving any better, but my cars are better prepared,” said Thomas.
“It is far easier to get the job done when you have the right equipment, and the guys can be looking after up to seven cars at any one event, so it’s a credit to my boys at (the) CXC Global Workshop. We are looking forward to another busy year in 2015.”
Thomas wished to thank sponsors CXC Global main sponsor, CXC Global Racing workshop, and Barrenjoey Smash Repairs

2014 ARDC Club Championship – final points after 5 rounds:

Dylan Thomas – Formula Vee & Production Touring – 2741
John Baxter – HQ Holdens – 2266
Steve Hodges – Production Touring – 1985
Aaron Seton – Production Touring – 1981
Duane Cambridge – HQ Holdens – 1976
Christopher Molle – HQ Holdens – 1929
Lee Vella – Superkarts – 1704
Paul Campbell – Superkarts – 1641
Birol Cetin – Sports Sedans – 1590
Simon Pace – Formula Vee – 1525
Simon Thomsen  – Formula Vee – 1478
Anthony Camilleri – HQ Holdens – 1471
Zach Loscialpo – Production Touring – 1451
Darren Williams – Formula Vee – 1451
Grant Doulman – Sports Sedans – 1426
Daniel Stein – Formula Vee – 1392
Steven Lacey – Sports Sedans – 1333
Ian McLean – HQ Holdens – 1282
Geoff Bennett – Formula Vee – 1261
Tim Brook – Formula Vee – 1241
Warwick Morris

2014 ARDC Supersprint Champion

Warwick Morris, Member 3827
ARDC Members scored a point for every person they beat in their class, which was then multiplied by the number of laps completed on the day of competition. The driver with the most points over the three meetings is declared the ARDC Supersprint Champion, and this year’s winner was Warwick Morris in a 1999 996 Porsche GT3.
Morris joined the ARDC at around the same time he began racing the Porsche, and has spent the past two years racing in the CAMS series and Porsche Club events. He was crowned Type 2 Champion in the CAMS Supersprint series this year; broke the Type 2 and Class 2C records for all of the circuits used in the 2014 Championship, and can now add the ARDC Club Championship to his trophy cabinet.
“What a wonderful surprise – you have made my day!” exclaimed Morris.
“I really enjoy the CAMS Supersprint series, and the ARDC hosts many of the events – I find them exceptionally well run and a great day of competition. I am already registered for 2015 and keen to defend this title.”

2014 ARDC Supersprint Championship – final points after 3 rounds