Our Board of Directors has overhauled the points scoring system for the annual ARDC Club Champion award.
The previous point score was based on the top ten drivers in every race at ECIR/SMSP, scoring points if they were current ARDC Members. Because different racing categories competing at different levels did not race each other and took part in varying numbers of races, the only fair way of comparing performances was to work out an average of points scored per race.
This gave an advantage to competitors in small categories and drivers could “sit on” early good results and not compete for the rest of the year to preserve a good average.
For 2013 and beyond, ARDC Member competitors will score points in the ARDC Club Champion competition every time they run in an ARDC-organised race at Sydney Motor Sport Park. One point will be awarded to Members for every competitor they finish ahead of, including non-finishers. Then this number will be multiplied by the number of laps scored in each race. This will equalise meetings with lots of short races as compared to meetings with fewer long races.
We will also be running a separate competition for our Supersprint competitor Members. At each of the three rounds of the NSW Supersprint Championship we are running this year, ARDC Members will score a point for every person they beat in their class. This number will then be multiplied by the number of laps completed on the day. The driver with the most points over the three meetings will be declared the ARDC Supersprint Champion for 2013.
– Brian “The Guru” Goulding