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Here is your chance to live the dream and experience our Ferrari F430 at over 200kph around Sydney Motorsport Park!

About the Ferrari F430

2 seat Berlinetta, mid-engine, rear wheel drive
4.3 litre V8 petrol engine with 483bhp (360kW) @ 8500rpm and 343 lb-ft (465 N-m) torque @ 5250rpm
6 speed ‘F1’ Electrohydraulic manual gearbox
Steering wheel mounted ‘Manettino’ for traction control settings
Top speed: 315 km/h and 0-100km/h: 4.0 seconds

The Experience

The Ferrari Experience offers drive, ride, and drive and ride packages in our Ferrari F430. Upon arrival at Sydney Motorsport Park, you will be registered and signed in for your experience.
You will be provided a helmet to wear whilst in the Ferrari
Depending on your choice, you will drive, ride, or drive and ride in the Sydney Motorsport Park Ferrari F430 next to one of our professional race car drivers who will help you get the most out of your experience!


Drive six laps of the Sydney Motorsport Park circuit in the driver’s seat of the Ferrari F430! Our professional driver is in the passenger seat showing you the correct lines and how to get the most out of the car.

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DRIVE AND RIDE – $895.00

Six laps of driving the Sydney Motorsport Park Ferrari F430 with our professional instructor as your private coach, then get two hot laps as passenger with our professional driver behind the wheel.

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