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Learner Drivers Only
In an initiative designed to establish the foundations for a lifetime of safer driving, the NSW Government has recognised that more is needed to be done to educate our young drivers, particularly in the areas of attitude, decision making, and risk perception and management.

The SAFER DRIVER program is a five hour Sydney based course that counts towards twenty hours of log book time for learner drivers. Students must have completed a minimum of 50 logbook hours prior to booking in – this is real driving hours and excludes extra hours obtained with a driving instructor.

The course will engage learner drivers in an interactive program designed to provoke group discussion as well as practical demonstrations and assessment of the skills and attitude required to be a safer driver. There are two parts of this course – Module 1: Classroom (3hrs) and Module 2: Practical (2hrs). You must book into both, they can be done on the same day or different days. We will provide the automatic dual control vehicle for Module 2 Practical sessions.

Attitude, decision making, and risk management play a crucial role in what makes a young driver a safe driver. The traditional emphasis of learner driver training has been focused on the rules of the road and learning the basics of driving a car in preparation for ‘the big licence test’. Passing this test does not necessarily make you a safe driver.

PRICE: $140pp (inc.GST)
Courses are also run on weekends and school holidays.
For more information or to make a booking please call (02) 8814 9083

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The NSW Safer Driver course is part of the SMSP Driving Academy, which also offers Defensive Driver Training, Advanced Driver Training and Corporate Driver Training, conveniently just outside of the Sydney Metropolitan area and in a safe, controlled environment.

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