Hi-Tec Drift School is the only drift school in NSW that is CAMS-sanctioned and operating at Sydney Motorsport Park.


Level 1 – $289

Course Duration: 3 hours
Instructor to student ratio of maximum 1:5
What you’ll learn:
– Ergonomics and seating position
– Steering techniques
– Throttle techniques
– Drift Circle – Master the art of a constant radius drift
– Entry and Exit – Using the handbrake to control your Drift on entry, and then Drift through and out of the corner
– Drift Circuit – Try your skills on our mini drift circuit!

Course participants will be given a certificate at the successful completion of the Level 1 course, allowing them to progress through to the Level 2 course.

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Level 2 – $389

Course Duration: 3 hours
Eligible for our Level 1 graduates.
Instructor to student ratio of maximum 1:3
With fewer students, you will have more time in car, and more time 1-on-1 with your instructor.
We’ll refresh your skills learned in Level 1, and build on them with the following advanced techniques:
– Advanced entry techniques
– Clutch-kick, and Scandinavian flick
– Linking drifts
– Proximity

You will get to experience an exciting passenger ride with one of our instructors at the end of the course in a competition Drift car!

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Drift Experience – $99

Jump in the passenger seat and strap yourself in, it’s going to be a sideways ride!
Experience the competition setting first-hand as two pro drifters battle it out sideways.

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