Driving Academy: Performance Driving

Today your course saved my life. I was watching my gap to the car in front of me and watching my speed. A car in the lane beside me had left room for a car to cross over two lines, the car crossing did not look at the other lane and flew across right in front of me. Without learning all I had that day I would have been going much faster and closer to the car in my line, and I would have had a massive accident. I just wanted to thank everyone involved in the program for teaching me these tools which saved my life.

Stephanie Todd
Experience: ARDC Track Days

Yesterday I attended the car track day and I just wanted to say thanks and to let you know it was a very enjoyable day. Thanks to the very professional staff and crew who ran the day, they were excellent. I will definitely come back again.

John Burch
Experience: Radical Race Car Experience

The Radical Events Day experience was sensational. The management and staff were very friendly and inclusive, and the 'hot laps'... What an eye-opener! The day was a very memorable experience... I might have to do this again.

Leigh Atkinson
Experience: Radical Race Car Experience

The Radical Hot Laps Experience was AWESOME! Staff, instructors and drivers were well organised, pleasant and fun making this experience fantastic.

Gaetano Castorina
Driving Academy: NSW Safer Driver

I picked up a lot of serious tips with regards to safety, which I will pass on to my family. The (Driver Training) course should be mandatory for learners. Everyone needs more driving knowledge and skills.

Steven Swan
Driving Academy: Advanced Driving

The instructors were very informative throughout the (Driver Training) course, it really taught me to be aware of risks on the road and overall was a great learning experience.

Matthew Edwards
Driving Academy: NSW Safer Driver

The instructors were helpful and friendly, I learnt about emergency braking, distance and risk management. Overall the Driver Training course was informative and descriptive without being condescending.

Robert Boekemann