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The ADVANCED DRIVING course has been developed by The Formula Company with the support of Volvo and focuses on advanced driving and car control techniques to help make you a more competent and aware driver on the road. The course is specially tailored for people who have been driving for a while and want to improve their overall safety through better car control skills and driving techniques.

We recommend students with P-Plates or a full licence complete the DRIVE AWARE course (or equivalent) prior. THIS COURSE EXPLORES ADVANCED CAR CONTROL TECHNIQUES AND IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR LEARNER DRIVERS

The ADVANCED DRIVING course aims to improve your driving skill set in a safe and controlled environment. The course covers unexpected and emergency situations and updates your knowledge of modern vehicle safety systems and how they work to improve your active and passive safety. It also covers ‘mind driving’ techniques that help develop the right attitude and decision making processes in different situations.

ADVANCED DRIVING is a full day program conducted on the wet and dry handling arena.
Students will receive a certificate of completion when they successfully complete this course. Lunch and refreshments are provided.
If you do not have a car or would prefer to use one of ours, you are welcome to hire a Volvo from our fleet for your course.

ADVANCED DRIVING course content:
– Personalised technique assessment and coaching
– ABS and Non-ABS braking experience
– Understeer and oversteer exercises
– Vision and scanning exercises
– Safety System experience
– Emergency hazard identification and response
– Cornering techniques
– Following distance exercises

PRICE: $350pp (inc.GST)

For more information or to make a booking please call (02) 8814 9083