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The ARDC runs a separate competition for our Supersprint competitor Members.

At each of the three rounds of the NSW Supersprint Championship we are running this year ARDC Members will score a point for every person they beat in their class. This number will then be multiplied by the number of laps completed on the day.

The driver with the most points over the three meetings will be declared the ARDC Supersprint Champion for the year.


Final Results

1Warwick MorrisClass 2C720 points
2Gerard ManionClass 2C341 points
3Vince MuritiClass 4C326 points
4Allan BughClass SVC297 points
5Richard PeriniClass 4C278 points
6Con ZeritisClass 3C245 points
7Verne JohnsonClass SVC228 points
8Gary NelsonClass SVD228 points
9Willem FercherClass 3D223 points
10Martin DoursmaClass 2D221 points
11Nicholas KalisClass SVC198 points
12Matthew RichardsonClass SVD193 points
13David WylieClass 2B169 points
14Allan TattersallClass 2C145 points
15Laura TattersallClass 2C143 points
16Allan MarinClass 3D138 points
17Anthony DaquinoClass SVC132 points
18Bruce HibbardClass 2C & 4C124 points
19Daniel GardnerClass 2B108 points
20Ben JensenClass SVC105 points